Annie L. Bloomquist

Annie L. Bloomquist, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

Annie L. Bloomquist, Sleep Number® setting 25, serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer.  In this role, Annie is responsible for the company’s product vision and strategy, including research and development aimed at furthering its award winning physical and digital experiences. She most recently introduced the Next Gen revolutionary Sleep Number smart bed ecosystem, a multisided wellness technology platform that is fueled by AI enable Advanced IOT to enable real time connected sleep health.  She looks to the future where technology will continue to set Sleep Number apart.

Recognized as a leader of meaningful innovation who continually envisions transcending products and experiences that deliver quality results, Annie has been instrumental in driving Sleep Number’s mission and delivering meaningful value to all stakeholders.  Annie is driven by the belief that sleep is a critical component of health, and she is dedicated to delivering solutions that enhance overall well-being.  She leads all aspects of the company’s innovation pipeline, including sleep health, research and development, digital engagement across multiple technology platforms, and value-driving acquisitions that add consumer relevance to the Sleep Number’s product line.  Annie serves as the primary liaison for key strategic scientific research partnerships such as the Sleep Number Scientific Advisory Board, Mayo Clinic and American Cancer Society.

After joining the company in 2008, Annie served in a breadth of leadership roles overseeing general management, product development, sourcing, merchandising strategy, commercialization, and user experiences.  She was the Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer from June 2012 to December 2020 and Chief Merchandising Officer from June 2011 to June 2012. She joined Sleep Number in May 2008 as Vice President and General Merchandise Manager after holding leadership roles at Target Corporation.

Annie serves on the Board of Advisors to Rockler Companies and is an active member advocating for women in technology, having served on Makers Conference Board of Directors.