Sleep Number Introduces Health and Wellness Daytime Alertness Feature to Improve Overall Sleep Quality, Health and Wellbeing

April 14, 2021

Advanced designs and effortless adjustability of new Sleep Number 360 ® smart beds provide real-time insights into achieving quality sleep to help you feel more alert during the day.

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Sleep Number Corporation (Nasdaq: SNBR), a leader in sleep health, innovation, science and research, announces My Daytime Alertness. Insights from this Sleep Number 360® smart bed feature, along with the brand’s other wellness features, help sleepers continuously achieve higher quality sleep and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

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SleepIQ technology now features My Daytime Alertness (Photo: Business Wire).

SleepIQ technology now features My Daytime Alertness (Photo: Business Wire).

My Daytime Alertness was inspired by the trusted Karolinska sleepiness scale, a measure of self-reported sleepiness and alertness. The new feature provides advanced, real-time insights that pair each sleeper’s personal sleep data with self-reported information and sleep science. After waking up, each sleeper indicates how alert they feel using a sliding scale. From there, the response is paired with their sleep data and sleep science facts to provide a personalized tip for how to attain better quality sleep. The feature comes on all new Sleep Number 360 smart beds; current 360® smart bed sleepers can now enjoy My Daytime Alertness via an over-the-air update.

Sleep Number has leveraged and learned from over nine billion hours of sleep data gathered from over 1.2 billion sleep sessions, generating comprehensive, longitudinal data at scale. Sleep Number’s proprietary SleepIQ® technology is embedded into every 360 smart bed and automatically collects and analyzes billions of data points while conducting one of the largest real-world sleep studies every night.

The SleepIQ update also features simplified navigation, making it easier to access other wellness features such as Circadian Rhythm Insights, Heart Rate Variability and Monthly HealthIQ™ Wellness Reports.

“Guided by our resolute belief in the life-changing impact of quality sleep – and propelled by years of deliberate investments in sleep health innovations - our 360 smart beds continue to deliver increasing value to all of our smart bed sleepers,” said Shelly Ibach, President and CEO, Sleep Number. “We are excited to offer this latest feature to connect quality sleep to daytime alertness as part of your individualized digital health insights.”

New 360 ® Smart Bed Innovations

In addition to My Daytime Alertness, Sleep Number announced innovations to its 360 smart beds. The company uses intelligence gathered from its SleepIQ data to enhance the smart bed platform and conduct extensive research to understand consumers’ needs. Using these insights, Sleep Number constantly advances its designs to help address some of the most significant sleep issues.

The latest 360 smart beds offer effortless adjustability, plus feature new, dynamic sleep surfaces for advanced breathability and help solve temperature challenges. Using Sleep Number’s proprietary comfort index, and measured by Sleep Number’s SleepIQ® score, each sleeper is at their most comfortable.

Based on analysis of over 25 million sleep sessions, Sleep Number research shows sleepers who routinely use their 360 smart bed features and SleepIQ technology can improve quality sleep by 15 minutes each night, totaling almost 100 hours each year.

“Our purpose is to improve the health and wellbeing of society through higher quality sleep,” said Annie Bloomquist, Chief Innovation Officer, Sleep Number. “Our 360 smart beds and smart adjustable bases are designed and tested to be cutting edge, effortlessly adjustable sleep experiences. We continue to grow our patent portfolio with a particular focus on smart features and personalized insights that aim to improve individualized sleep health.”

The new Sleep Number 360 Classic and Performance series smart beds offer the same smart features and comfort elements as the top-of-the-line Innovation series smart beds. Their proprietary comfort index performance has again elevated, highlights include:

  • Sleep Number 360 c2 smart bed: Combines effortless smart adjustability, superior comfort and value, featuring a conforming sleep surface that contours to and supports each sleeper. The c2 senses and responds to your movements and automatically adjusts firmness on each side to keep you both sleeping blissfully, and includes a 2-inch, gel-infused comfort layer for resilient and proactive support. Now available starting at $999, comparably priced to many ‘non-smart’ beds.
  • Sleep Number 360 c4 smart bed: Combines cushioning support with soft, gel-infused layers to help each sleeper stay cool for enhanced comfort. Its conforming sleep surface also contours to each sleeper for individualized comfort. Now available starting at $1,699.
  • Sleep Number 360 p5 smart bed: Features plush, cushioned comfort layers for soothing support that contours to each sleeper and delivers proper spinal alignment. Its conforming sleep surface also offers enhanced pressure relief. Now available starting at $2,399.
  • Sleep Number 360 p6 smart bed: Boasts a 5-inch combination of cooling, soothing and enhanced pressure-relief comfort layers for better sleep. The new p6 smart bed also features a new, dynamic sleep surface with enhanced breathability that contours and conforms to both sleepers. Now available starting at $2,899.

About Sleep Number

Individuality is our foundation at Sleep Number. Our purpose driven company is comprised of over 5,000 passionate team members who are dedicated to our mission of improving lives by individualizing sleep experiences. Our 360® smart beds provide each sleeper with adjustable, personalized comfort for proven quality sleep. We have improved more than 13 million lives as we strive to advance society’s wellbeing through higher quality sleep.

Sleep science and data are the core of our innovations. Our award-winning 360 smart beds benefit from our proprietary SleepIQ® technology - learning from over nine billion hours of highly accurate sleep data - to provide effortless comfort and individualized sleep health insights, including your daily SleepIQ® score.

For life-changing sleep, visit or one of our more than 600 Sleep Number® stores. More information is available on our newsroom and investor relations sites.

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